In February 1942, the leader of Hitler's Zauber Korps, Reichsfuhrer Bernhardt Morax, declared the Blutskrieger Program operational.


Britain's spy network inside the Third Reich sent the following urgent warning to London:


 "Dramatic revisions to Hitler's military plans (stop) Propaganda posters appearing on every street (stop) Blutskrieg is coming (stop) Britain is the target!"

By June 1942, a Nazi invasion fleet

has gathered across the English Channel.

Will Reichsfuhrer Morax and his army of bio-vulcanized warriors... the Blutskriegers... prove to be unstoppable? 

What kind of creatures are the Blutskriegers?

Are they born or are they made?

The truth is chilling.

The answer lies in

'Die Fabrik (The Factory)'


Enter 'The Factory'... if you dare. 

But be warned!

This story is not suitable

for readers with

a sensitive disposition!

In the hearts of some men pumps a darkness as thick as oil. Evil bleeds from every pore. There are two fates worse than death in the Third Reich. And both of them lie inside Die Fabrik... where the smell of sulfur would make the Devil gag.


‘Die Fabrik (The Factory)’ is a horror story in two parts. It begins with a briefing to Winston Churchill on the Blutskrieger Program. What follows is an eye-witness account of the unspeakable horror inside the Blutskrieger factory written by an inmate known only as 'Gustav'. A short story that will boil your blood and then chill it until it freezes!