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A World War re-imagined like never before.

Copyright Charles Cornell Creative Partners LLC 2013 - All Rights Reserved

Copyright Charles Cornell Creative Partners LLC 2013 - All Rights Reserved

Copyright Charles Cornell Creative Partners LLC 2013 - All Rights Reserved


I begin this Dieselpunk series, DragonFly, on a mission. I’m seeking to find the very essence of those incredibly turbulent times in World War Two; to explore the what ifs that might have been; and to do justice to the memory of a generation of accomplishments during a time of war. Like Ronnie Somerset in DragonFly, I want “to distill the moment and bottle it into an intoxicating memory”.

- Charles




TIGER PAW (Scott Forrester FBI Thriller #1)

- Winner, Best Thriller 2012, Florida Writers Association

- Nominee, Best Indie Thriller 2012, Kindle Book Review

- 21 Five Star Reviews on Amazon













As a serial killer wreaks havoc on Wall Street, dismantling a corrupt financier's financial empire one body at a time, FBI profiler Scott Forrester uncovers the deadly secret of a demon-worshipping Hindu cult that is determined to change the very fabric of society. Firmly in their assassin's crosshairs, Scott Forrester is forced underground to stop the killing spree. But will he survive the deal he must make with the Devil to thwart their satanic plan?




"A great variation to the thriller genre...the author blended a detective storyline with a thread of the esoteric which makes it stand out from other thrillers. The ending leaves you guessing... a well thought out story, with lots of action. Recommended for all lovers of thrillers and action books." - Midwest Book Review


"5 Stars! - This book had my juices flowing-my heart pounding, blood boiling, anger, rage, PISSED OFF. It had me thinking of all kinds of things. So applicable to what is going on today. Believable. For a debut novel, I was really impressed." - Sherry Fundin, Fundinmental Book Reviews


"This book goes far beyond a 5 STAR rating! Charles A. Cornell is a magnificent storyteller and his debut novel is brilliant. Tiger Paw was a very tumultuous read for me. It touches on everything that's wrong in government and Wall Street. I can imagine the challenge he faces when writing the next novels. It will be hard to top this." - Laura Thomas, FU Only Knew Book Reviews