In a very different 1942, the skies over Britain are threatened by a new generation of advanced Nazi aircraft.



The Blitzkugel (Thunderball) is known to RAF pilots as 'the Keg' because of its beer-barrel shape. Its fearsome weaponry is the scourge of Allied bomber formations.

Radar towers and ground artillery are no match for the Luftwaffe's new dive-bomber, the Hollenfeuer (Hellfire). Its discus shape has given it the nickname, 'the Platzi'.

By night, the dreaded Wespen (the Wasps) terrorize the naval base at Enysfarne and by day, they swarm Royal Navy ships at sea. But where do the Wasps come from? Ronnie Somerset must find the Wasps' Nest and apply some aerial pest control before they destroy Britain's naval defenses.

When Hitler's giant landing craft, the Krokodils arrive on British beaches, the Nazis' newest and deadliest fighter, the rocket-propelled Stratojager, prowls at high altitude, waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting DragonFly Squadron. Can Britain's best pilot in her DragonFly escape the clutches of the Vulture in time to push back the invasion?  

‘DragonFly – the Illustrated Edition’

is the ultimate DragonFly reading experience!

Sixty illustrations that make the action jump off the page.

Character dossiers, historical ‘retrographs’,

and more pics of these retro-futuristic aircraft.

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